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"If you want the best advise on any personal combat situation... ask the best. Ask Jim Harrison."
- Roger Carpenter, 9th Dan, 3-Time All American Champion, UN Police Personnel Training Officer.

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Mr. Harrison conducts seminars world-wide for civilians, military and police units and organizations,
sport teams and more... Contact information at bottom of page.

Seminar Types

Street Survival Seminars:
I: Rape Defense/ Anti-Abduction (Teenage Girls, Women)

II & III: Anti-Abduction and Bully Defense Tactics
(Children and Young Teens)

IV & V: Grabs, Holds, Locks and Chokes
(Front and rear - general, intermediate and advanced defense/counters)

VI: Street Boxer Threat/Attack
(General, intermediate and advanced defense/counters)

VII: Street Fighter (Boxer/Grappler)
(General, intermediate and advanced defense/counters)

VIII: Close Encounters - In-Fighting Tactics
(General and Advanced Counter attack-tics)

IX: Weapon Threats (Club, Knife Pistol)
Counter Attacktics and Dis-Arm-ing Techniques
(Front, side and rear - general, intermediate and advanced)

X & XI: Knife Threats and Attacks (Edged Weapon)
Counter Tactics and Dis-Arm-ing Techniques

XII: Groundfighting for the Street - Down & Dirty
(General and Advanced Counter attack-tics)

XIII: Multiple Attacker Strategy & Tactics
(General, intermediate and advanced - Armed and Un-Armed)

XIV: Long Weapon - Rife, Shotgun, SMG - Threat Defense
(General and Advanced Counter attack-tics)

XV: Long Weapon (Club, Cane, Staff, Sword) Attack Defense
(General and Advanced Counter attack-tics)

Sport and Street Application Seminars:
I: Sport Throws

II: Street Throws
(Practical - Realistic - Effective)

III: Sport Grappling

IV: Standing Locks & Chokes
(For Sport/Street)

V: Blade Work
(Defense - Encounters - Escape)

Police, Law Enforcement, Personal Security
*Arrest/Survival Tactics*
(Basic: 6 hours, Intermediate: 12 hours, Advanced: 18 hours, Instructor: 30 hours)
(Training Cost: Two meals per day, expenses for two plus $300 per hour)

I: Handgun Retention

II: Long Gun Retention

III: Take-Outs and Take Downs

IV: Felon/Resistive Handcuffing

V: Vehicle Approach/Suspect Removal

Military & Para-Military
(Classes and Seminars - Groups and Individuals)
Recon, Escape, Survival - Search and Destroy tactics
Call for time, location and cost: (406) 728-8187

I: Silent Killing
(Un-Armed, Bow, Blade, Firearm, Inprovsed)

II: Stealth & Disguise
(Infiltration, Disinformation, Termination)

III: Silent Water Travel
(Swim, Kayak, Canoe, Raft, Float Tube, Improvised)

IV: Cold Weather and Snow
(Camping, Bivouac, climbing, Para/Nordic Ski, Snowshoe, Improvised)

V: Rock/Ice Mountain Climbing
(Free, technical, Rapelling, ALSO "Aussie Style" Firearm/Assault)

VI: Map Reading and Orienteering
(Includes Astronomical Navigation, Wind and Weather Reading)

Recommended Seminar Time Length
Children under 12 - 1.5 hours
Beginner/Novice Adults - 3 Hours
Intermediate/Advanced Adults and Teens - 4 Hours
Intermediate/Advanced/Instructor Adults and Teens - 6 Hours

Choose your own seminar, time, length and cost per person for any age group, seminar subject or experience level.

Make it a Special Promotion Event
*Bring a friend for a discount*

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Jim Harrison - Sakura Warrior Arts
255 S.W. Higgins
Missoula, MT 59803
Phone: (406) 728-8187
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