Sakura Warrior Arts


Jim Harrison
Jim 'Ronin' Harrison

Jim with trophies
Jim Harrison with a few trophies and dan ranks,
each one earned with blood, sweat and tears. Circa 1973.

Knife training at Sakura
Mr. Harrison training one of his son's in knife defense at Sakura.

Shuto strike to glass bottle full of gasoline
The "Harrison Cocktail"
One beer bottle half filled with gasoline, a lit wick and a damn hard shuto strike.

Jim Harrison Seminar Jim Harrison Seminar Jim Harrison Seminar
A Ronin Jutsu Seminar at Bob Boggs' Kenukan in Kansas City

AAU Judo Champion
Winning the light-heavyweight black belt title of the
Missouri Valley AAU Championships... as a brown belt, late 1960's.

Black belt
Jim Harrison and the "Magnificent Seven" (7 members of the "Dirty Dozen") challenge
a cocky Steven Seagal to "Put up or shut up" on Black Belt Magazine.

fighting david moon
Fighting David Moon in the 'Bloody Galveston', 1967

hall fo fame
Entering the 1988 'Karate Hall of Fame' with Chuck Norris

Fighting Victor Moore for the 1971 U.S. Kickboxing Championships.
Harrison knocked out Moore to win the light-heavyweight division.

knife defense
Bushidokan weapons training in the 1960's.
Looking into those eyes is like looking down the barrels of a shotgun.

judo championships
2nd Place heavyweight division of the 1968 Internationals (Karate).

refereeing wallace
Refereeing Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace and Daniel Richer at the
full-contact World-Professional Karate Championships, 1974

dunking Bobby Ryan
Harrison slam-dunks former PKA World Full-Contact Champion Bobby Ryan
in a real altercation after the two exchanged heated words at a tournament, 1975

dropping Joe Lewis
Harrison drops World Champion Loe Lewis in the 1968
Internationals in Long Beach, a feat few men can claim.

dropping Joe Lewis
Harrison and long-time friend Chuck Norris


Jim Harrison - Sakura Warrior Arts
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